Guardian Healthcare Systems, a business unit of World Industries, Inc., is a new business development and technology solutions provider to the healthcare and wellness business sectors. World Industries Inc, is operating since 2006.

Guardian Healthcare Systems provides planning services for certain trades in the construction of assisted living facilities via its Plan Center Organization business unit. The Plan Center has systems established to support all trades and is migrating into just in time vendor procurement systems. Other advanced business solutions of Guardian Healthcare Systems are provided by World Industries Inc's WII Alliance business unit.

Guardian Healthcare Systems provides for management and operations for different vertical sectors in the healthcare and wellness business sectors. Team resources include nurse practitioners with inside sales skills and seasoned sales representatives in the local city or region.

Its My Telehealth Care business unit provides affordable access to medical doctors in the USA without visiting the medical clinic. Guardian Healthcare Systems also offers Internet of Things, Services & People systems from World Industries, Inc's recently launched business unit is providing secure notifications systems from multiple sensors and compliant for USA and global applications/use. Information technologies for the healthcare business sector are supported by the team's extensive experience in telecommunications infrastructure projects.

Guardian Healthcare Systems' business philosophy is defining and implementing technology and business solutions that evolve the quality of standards and lower the costs for the end-users while developing new business systems for clinics servicing the end-user.